Vocas MB-455 , Matte box kit



Vocas MB-455 , Matte box kit

The MB-455 is a 5 stage 5.65″ x 5.65″ matte box designed for any EFP/HD/Film production, for use with lenses up to a front diameter of 143 mm. Two fully rotatable 5,65’’ x 5,65’’ filter frames and a fixed 4’’ x 5,65’’ tray are integrated in the rear compartiment of the matte box. Optionally, in the front unit of the hood, either a matte, a fourth filter frame (4’’ x 5,65’’) or a patented tilted filter unit (0410-0015) can be added. The optional flexible donut ring kit also offers the possibility to add a 138 mm round filter in the rear compartiment, for instance for a polariser. By adding an optional height adjustable bars – or swing away adapter, the MB-455 can be easily transformed from clip-on matte box into a 15 mm LWS, 15 mm studio or 19 mm bars mounted studio matte box.The Vocas patented internal eyebrows are integrated in the hood of matte box, for optimal flare control and reduction of reflections. Side flag hinges are integrated in the hood for mounting an optional side flag kit (0440-0002). The weight of the matte box is only 850 grams. Summarizing, this matte box can hold two filters of 5,65″ x 5,65″ or smaller and one ór optionally two 4″ x 5,65″ filters and an optional 138 mm round filter. Included in the box: MB-455 matte box, top flag compact (0430-0004), a combo filter frame 4’’ x 4’’ / 4’’ x 5,65’’ (horizontal) (0410-0002), a combo filter frame 5,65’’x 5,65’’ / 4’’ x 5,65’’ (vertical) (0410-0003) and a fixed 4’’ x 5,65’’ filter frame (0410-0001).Manufacturer Vocas SystemsFilter size 4″ x 4″ , 4″ x 5.65″ , 4,5″ x 4,5″ , 5″x 5″ , 5.65″ x 5.65″Diameter 143 mmMax. filters 4Max. rotatable filters 2Tilted filter frame option YesBuilt-in eyebrows YesClip-on YesSwing away option YesSide flags option YesHinged included YesPackage included 0430-0004 top flag, 0410-0001 4″ x 5,65″ filter frame, 0410-0002 combo 4″ x 4″ / 4″ x 5,65″ filter frame, 0410-0003 combo 5,65″x5,65″ / 4″x5,65″ filter frameMaterial Aluminum, Carbon fiberWeight (gr.) 1,309

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