Vocas BP-18 Balance plate , Płytka baseplate 19mm uniwersalna



Vocas BP-18 Balance plate , Płytka baseplate 19mm uniwersalna

19 mm Balance plate which provides optimal balance for heavy duty camera setups. Compatible with a variety of heavy duty cameras, like the Sony PMW-F65 and various Arri cameras. The centre of of the BP-18 is a rotatable part. The camera attachment screws of the BP-18 are exactly centred. By rotating the centre part, the camera attachment screws are positioned according to the industry standard off centre position. Standard rosettes are integrated on both sides of the plate. The industry standard dovetail connection and 19 mm rails make it ideal to support a heavy duty camera/lens/matte box setup. The optional dovetail shoulder support (0480-0030) can be used to switch easily from tripod to shoulder setup.Several 15 mm rail supports can be used as a spacer to mount the BP-18 to a various range of cameras, like the PXW-FS7 / FS7 mk II (FS7 shoulder base plate 0350-1600 / 0350-1700), the PMW-F5/F55 (F5/F55 shoulder base plate (0350-1000), the EOS C100 / C100 mk II, C300 / C300 mk II and C500 (MBS M-support 0350-0016) and RED cameras (RED Epic 15 mm rail support 0350-0017). The unique Sony HDC-4800 to BP-18 adapter plate (0490-0030) is specifically made to provide a 19 mm rail system for the Sony HDC-4800. The BP-18 comes with a 295 mm dovetail plate and a set op 400 mm carbon 19 mm rails.Manufacturer Vocas SystemsRosette 2 IntegratedBars position Front , RearBars system 19 mmCamera mounting points 2Package included 0480-8400 19 mm rail (2x), 0480-0101 dovetail plateMaterial AluminumColor BlackWeight (gr.) 1,275

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