Anton Bauer D-Box Battery Bracket (Sony Venice, V Mount) (8075-0298) , Płytka bateryjna adapter



Anton Bauer D-Box Battery Bracket (Sony Venice, V Mount) (8075-0298) , Płytka bateryjna adapter

D-Box (Sony Venice, V-Mount) adds power distribution, standardized remote start/stop, and hot swap abilities for the Sony Venice camera. The D-Box main unit attaches to the back of the AXS-R7 or to the V-Mount plate on the camera rear and the Power Strip portion attaches to the top right side of the camera via a 3pin Fischer and the tape hook threaded hole.Connectors on the D-Box Power Strip are contoured to match the camera profile and connector angle which allows for all cables to be installed with no obstructions. The module communicates with the camera and allows any ARRI standard start/stop trigger to be used with the 3pin Fischer port including the ARRI UMC-4 / WCU-4.The DC input on the D-Box is the same as the cameras 4pin XLR connector allowing for an AC power supply, external power plate, or VCLX block battery to be connected to power accessories and camera during a battery change. When both battery and DC input are utilized, the D-Box defaults to the DC input, leaving the onboard battery fully charged.Physical fuses have been replaced by a processor controlled amp limit which is settable to 3.8, 5.8, or 9 amps using the slide switch on the operators side. Should the user exceed the set current for accessories, only the accessory outputs are disabled leaving the camera running normally. Once the current load has been reduced by either removing accessories or reconfiguring, the reset button can be pressed to enable accessory power again.The „DC IN” and „BATT” LEDs are dual LEDs. This means the LED If battery voltage is above 12.5V the LED will be green. If the battery voltage is below 12V the LED will be red. If the battery voltage is between those values the LED will be orange (red + green). Flashing may occur during phase transition.Highest quality Anton/Bauer components are used in the V-Mount assembly and the unibody power plate design is both extremely durable and lightweight.Interfaces: 1x V-Mount Power Plate2x 3pin Fischer at 24V with Run StopRegulator built in to convert battery voltage to 24VMaximum 3A surge, 2.5A sustained shared between connectors2x 2pin LEMO at 12V unregulatedARRI standard wiringMaximum 7A current rating, shared between connectors2x P-Tap at 12V unregulatedMaximum 9A current rating, shared between connectors1x 5V USBMaximum 2.5A1x 4pin XLR DC InputFor use with 14.4V block batteriesDC Input takes priority when voltage is between 12.9–18VAccessories are powered when utilizing DC Input

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